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N7WAH is in Cathalmet WA, USA, 98612

Our local training net is Monday at 1830 local time on our 440 repeaters:
  Nicolai: 444.500
  Cathlamet: 444.300
  Grays River (KM Mtn): 147.020

Our secondary frequency is 145.55 simplex.
This also is our local check-in frequency in an emergency.

N7WAH maintains three repeaters:

Cathlamet – 444.300, +5MHz, 118.8Hz

Nicolai – 444.500, +5MHz, 118.8Hz (Beachnet)

Nicolai (Packet) – 145.630MHz 1200b

N7WAH member, Dave, maintains a Winlink node:
145.630MHz 1200b (AE7RD-10)

Clatsop AuxCom maintains a repeater on Nicolai Mtn:
146.760, minus offset, 118.8Hz

We meet Tuesday mornings 0900 to 1030 except for the first Tuesday of the month when we meet at 1800 in the evening. All meetings are held at the River Street meeting room in Cathlamet.

Special Meeting - Sept 14

Our ARRL Pacific Northwest Director will be our guest speaker at the Tuesday evening on September 14th at 18:30 hours. Mike Ritz W7VO will update us on current and future ARRL events and activities that are important to all of us and especially our district here in the Northwest. Please plan to attend.

Club Info

Contact Us

Club Documents

Bylaws and Constitution
Updated November 26, 2019


President: Richard KC4ONA
Vice President: Steve K7SH
Treasurer: Dale KC7IVJ
Secretary: Prudy KJ7PHT

Committees and Chair

Field Day: Open
Education: Dave AE7RD
School: Open
AEC: Richard KC4ONA, Steve K7SH
Repeaters and Trustee: Gordon WA6TTR
New Members: Dave AE7RD
Website: Ron W7ERY

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Meeting Location

River Street Meeting Room

Additional Info

Club Members

Emergency Management

The phone number to reach the EOC is:
Dial 360-795-6100, then enter a 1 to then enter the extension number 559 for EOC Ham station or 299 for River Street Meeting Room.

Washington State Emergency Net. This is where traffic will be passed out of the area in a disaster. They practice on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings on or near 3985.
WSEN net

Our Emergency Coordinator for Wahkiakum County is Gordon WA6TTR.
Our Assistant EC’s are Steve K7SH and Richard KC4ONA.

Call-out documents:
Our emergency frequency list
Area nets and repeaters

Here is our Amateur Radio Region 4 Homeland Security Interoperability Plan.
This plan addresses Emergency Communication for Clark, Cowlitz, Skamania, and Wahkiakum counties.
InterAgency Agreement
Appendix A Activation Procedures
Appendix B Regional Net Protocals
Appendix C Frequency and Mode Listing
Appendix D Acronym Definitions

Map of all Emergency Regions in the state:
Homeland Security Map for WA, with Region contact info

Wahkiakum Search and Rescue.
SAR Emcomm Proposal Support Document

Cowlitz County Auxiliary Communications Services has a website with a tonne of useful information for us: Cowlitz ACS

What is the difference between ARES and RACES?
Click on this link to a FAQ provided by ARRL

Emergency workers should take the online FEMA IS-100, IS-700, and IS-800 classes.  
These take several hours each. At the conclusion of the class a test is given.  
If passed your certificate of completion is emailed to you.  
Copies of certificates should be provided to Mr. Renfro.  
Here are the links to the classes …  
Registration Link to take tests
IS-100,  IS-200, for incident supervisors only, IS-700, IS-800  

Helpful Links

BeachNet Repeater System info Website   

Download ARES Registration form

Download ARES Field Resource Guide

Amateur Radio Relay League (Ham info home base)   
Complete Band Plan details from ARRL   

Lower Columbia Amateur Radio Club   

Clark County Amateur Radio Club   
In addtion to many other fine links, they have a really nice intro for new hams.   

Sunset Empire Amateur Radio Club (CPARN-W7BU repeater system and the lightship Columbia ) Map of CPARN Repeater Network, Gearhart to Long Beach and Cathalmet   

Pacific County Amateur Radio Club   

AB7F Repeater Network (I-5 corridor, Chehalis to Salem)   

Wahkiakun School District Ham Club website with introductory Ham info    

WARTS Net website with much Ham info    

WaDiOp – Wahkiakum Digital Operations Net (proposed)
WaDiOp proposed digital net    

Well written pdf explaining atmospherics and propagation
Australian Doc on propagation    

Why are amateur radio operators called HAMs?
This link responds

Link to ARRL’s list of Third Party Operating Agreement countries

Current Members for 2021

AE6DI Mark
AE7RD Dave 
AK9E Ron K
K7SH Steve 
KC4ONA Richard
KC7IVJ Dale 
KG7WSW Sulema
KG7WSY Jerry
KI7ORU Lynette
KJ7KMP Bill  
KJ7PHT Prudence
N7TSM Will
NU7D Randy
W7RAK Ruth
W7WOG Steve
WA6TTR Gordon
WR8Z Peter

Arlene (SAR)